Krivoy Kolektiv (2020 - Present ) is an art collective comprised of Aravah Berman-Mirkin, Irina Zadov and Sophia Sobko. We draw on radical ancestral hxstories to de-assimilate and re-imagine Soviet Jewish diasporic traditions, in opposition to settler colonialism and white supremacy. Follow us on Instagram @krivoykolektiv.

The Three Mitzvot of the Soviet Jewish Diaspora (2022), Radical Jewish Calendar 5783

Chai Mikveh and The Four Mitzvot of the Soviet Jewish Diaspora (September 2021)
photo and video installation
<<Transitions>> Multimedia Art Exhibition, Dagesh: Jewish Art in Context

Chai Mikveh (May 2020)
video screening
Kolektiv Goluboy Vagon samizdat/zine launch, Chicago Cultural Center

Ways Queer Feminist Art Residency, Gyula, Hungary (February 2020)