Facilitation on White Supremacy, Colonialism, & Anti-Semitism

INVITED: Jewish Voice for Peace- Bay Area; Wilderness Torah; Hazon - JOFEE Network Gathering;
Jews on Turtle Island

VOLUNTEER: with Jews on Ohlone Land: Moishe House; Urban Adamah; OneTable;
Kohenet Hebrew Priestess Institute; Asylum Arts

Invited Facilitation

Sobko, Sophia. (2021, April). Political Education Against White Supremacy. Two-session workshop series presented for Wilderness Torah staff.

Sobko, Sophia. (2020, June 16). Understanding and Dismantling White Supremacy. Virtual Village Workshop presented for Wilderness Torah.

Sophia Sobko and Amelia Mae Paradise. (2020, Summer). White Jews and Racial Justice. Three-session workshop series presented for Jews on Turtle Island (virtual).

Sobko, Sophia. (2020, Aug 30). Deconstructing Jewish Whiteness. Workshop presented for Jewish Voice for Peace – Bay Area.

Sobko, Sophia (2020, June). From Privilege to Supremacy: Ashkenazi Jews Reckoning with Whiteness on Occupied Land. Workshop presented at JOFEE National Network Gathering (Jewish Outdoor, Food, Farming & Environmental Educators, Hazon) - Bay Area.

Sobko, Sophia (2020, June). Lead/Facilitator of Critical White Affinity Group. JOFEE National Network Gathering (Jewish Outdoor, Food, Farming & Environmental Educators, Hazon) - Bay Area.

Volunteer Facilitation

Co-Leader of Workshops Team, Jews on Ohlone Land (JOOL) (June 2020-June 2021)
organization in solidarity with SogoreaTe' Land Trust, devoted to 100% Jewish participation in paying Shuumi Land Tax

Co-facilitated workshops:
"Grosfoguel's The Four Epistemicides", for JOOL Internal Team (January 2021).
"Tu B'Shvat with JOOL", Moishe House (January 2021).
"Beyond Thanks: Paying Shuumi as Jews on Ohlone Land", OneTable (November 2020).
"JOOL 2.0: Beyond Giving Thanks - Reckoning with Reparations", Urban Adamah (November 2020).
"Jews on Ohlone Land and Shuumi Land Tax", Kohenet Priestess Institute Gathering (February 2020).
"Living as Jews on Coast Miwok & Ohlone Land", Asylum Artist Retreat (February 2020).

Participatory Photography: Journeys to Freedom

January 2014 - March 2015

Founder, Artistic Director, and facilitator of participatory photography program for survivors of sex trafficking at Generate Hope. The participatory nature of the class continued through the planning and execution of the final exhibition at Expressive Arts Gallery in San Diego, CA. The show doubled as a fundraiser, raising $1500 for the women. Artists: Bri, Mari, Morgan, Brenda, Deb, Liz, N

Graduate Student Union Printmaking Workshops

March 16, 2018, UC Berkeley

December 8, 2017, UC Berkeley